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The Finnish Society for Shoulder and Elbow Surgery hosted the 8th Nordic Shoulder and Elbow Conference in Helsinki 16.-17.5.2019.



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The Finnish Society for Shoulder and Elbow Surgery (FSSES)

Suomen Olkakirurginen Yhdistys (SOKY)


The Finnish Society for Shoulder and Elbow Surgery was founded in 2002. The object of FSSES is to promote surgical skills, understanding and research in the field of shoulder and elbow surgery.

We organize two annual conferences for our members. The conferences take place at different locations around Finland. The board of the society and new members will be elected in the general meeting of FSSES that will be held every spring. We aim to strengthen co-operation between specialists that are involved in treating patients with shoulder or elbow disorders.

Our society will host the 8th Triennial Nordic Shoulder and Elbow Conference to be held in Helsinki, Finland on the 16-17 of May 2019.


You may apply for membership to FSSS if you are interested in and/or practice shoulder and elbow surgery on daily basis. In order to be accepted your application must be endorsed by two current members of the society. Members from industry are also welcome.


One priority of FSSES is to provide a network for research collaborations. Especially, our members conduct several multicenter randomized controlled trials in the field of shoulder and elbow surgery such as; operative versus non-operative management of shoulder impingement syndrome (Paavola et al 2017 and Identifier: NCT00637013) and rotator cuff tear (NCT00695981, Kukkonen et al 2014, Kukkonen et al 2015), traumatic shoulder instability (NCT02885714) and proximal humeral fractures (Launonen et al 2012). Members of our society also participate in preparation of national current care guidelines.


We work closely with the Finnish Orthopaedic Association.

BOARD members:

Ilkka Sinisaari, Chairman

Juha Paloneva, Secretary

Juha Kukkonen, Tresurer

Urho Väätäinen

Janne Lehtinen

Kaisa Lehtimäki

Janne Keskinen, Industry board member

Recent Publications:

Nordic Innovative Trials to Evaluate osteoPorotic Fractures (NITEP) Collaboration: The Nordic DeltaCon Trial protocol-non-operative treatment versus reversed total shoulder arthroplasty in patients 65 years of age and older with a displaced proximal humerus fracture: a prospective, randomised controlled trial. Launonen AP, Fjalestad T, Laitinen MK, Lähdeoja T, Ekholm C, Wagle T, Mattila VM; NITEP-group. BMJ Open. 2019 Jan 29;9(1):e024916.

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